10 things you didn’t know about the WorldMark South Pacific Club

Timeshare is a fun holiday option that is full of surprises. Case in point – check out these 10 things you probably didn’t know about timeshare.

The basics

When you become an Owner in the WorldMark South Pacific Club you decide how many Vacation Credits you would like to purchase. These are the currency used to book your holidays at any of 28 resorts across the South Pacific, New Zealand, Thailand and Fiji. WorldMark South Pacific Club provides a flexible, convenient and affordable way to holiday more often. You no longer have to worry about saving as your accommodation will already be taken care of! Planning a big adventure? If you don’t have enough annual Vacation Credits to cover accommodation for a big holiday, you can choose to save Vacation Credits from the previous year or borrow Vacation Credits from the upcoming year – giving you three years’ worth of Vacation Credits to book that holiday you’ve been waiting for!

1. You are guaranteed holidays each year for the next 63 years

Each year for the entire lifetime of your Vacation Ownership, your account is awarded with the number of Vacation Credits you own for that year. Vacation Credits last for two years and are renewed every year until 2080 … That’s a lot of holidays!

2.There are over 55,000 Owner families in the WorldMark South Pacific Club

Join thousands of Aussie families living the dream. The network of Owners across Australia means there is a huge online community that gives like-minded travelers support, advice and a place to share their holiday tips with each other. Visit our Facebook page to join in: WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham

3.You have access to amazing cash rate deals

Take advantage of last minute cash options to book last-minute accommodation at very attractive rates and save your Vacation Credits for more holidays!

4.Access to your very own travel agency

You gain access to Travel by Wyndham, your exclusive fully licensed travel agency, just for Owners in WorldMark South Pacific Club. Uncover hot travel deals using your Vacation Credits or cash and explore the many Club Tours – small group tours just for Owners -around the world (Canada and Alaska are very popular with WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners!).

5.Privileges by Wyndham

At Wyndham, we believe travel is all about unlocking a new world of spectacular experiences and fulfilling lifelong dreams. The Privileges by Wyndham is an exclusive benefits program offered to compliment your WorldMark Ownership. The Privileges Program is separate and distinct from the WorldMark South Pacific Club. In addition to all the benefits of your WorldMark Ownership, you will gain access to a wide range of extra benefits, providing extra luxury, exclusivity and flexibility. It provides more holidays, destinations and travel options and, most importantly, more of life’s little luxuries for unmatched holiday experiences.

6.You can access cruises

Kicking back on the deck of a luxury liner, with a cocktail in your hand – that could be you! The Privileges by Wyndham program^ includes membership to ICE Cruise Exchange and as a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner, you can use a set amount of your Privileges Qualified Vacation Credits, normally used for accommodation, towards booking awesome cruises.

7.Access to worldwide travel with our exchange partners

Owners can use Vacation Credits to book 28 resorts across the South Pacific… and beyond! The Privileges by Wyndham^ program also includes membership to RCI Exchange, whereby you can exchange Privileges Qualified Vacation Credits to holiday in more than 4,500 participating RCI Affiliated Resorts located in over 100 countries around the world. Timeshare could take you anywhere you want to go.

8.You can use your Vacation Credits for travel to and from WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts 

WorldMark South Pacific Club is the whole holiday package, and makes it easy to organise everything from how you’ll get there to where you’ll sleep. You can use your Vacation Credits to cover some of the cost of your getaway. If you’re venturing on an interstate or international adventure to a WorldMark South Pacific Club resort and need flights or car hire to get you there, your Travel Club can organise the details for you. Opt to pay for the entire amount, or part of it with your Vacation Credits, and save your precious holiday spending money for other things. How great is that?

9.You automatically become a Wyndham Rewards member giving you access to over 25,000 hotels, homes and condos from participating retailers around the world

The Privileges by Wyndham program^ also includes membership to Wyndham Rewards! Wyndham Rewards is a loyalty program which allows you to earn Wyndham Rewards points which may be redeemed towards accommodation stays, car rentals, gift cards and merchandise from participating retailers.

10.You can trial timeshare at Wyndham before committing to making a purchase

Don’t worry if you’re not sure you want to commit – you can trial the WorldMark South Pacific Club lifestyle first at one of 16 Club resorts and see if it’s for you!

Reach out to us to find out more about how you can take more frequent holidays with WorldMark South Pacific Club.

^Privileges by Wyndham is provided by Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific as the Developer of the Club and is separate and distinct from any benefits obtained as an Owner in the Club. An annual membership fee is applicable. The benefits bestowed under Privileges by Wyndham are provided at the discretion of the Developer and may be modified or revoked by the Developer at any time.