Timeshare Review: “Tasmania’s Beautiful Lavender Fields”

Pru has been a Wyndham timeshare Owner for 16 years. Pru and her friend recently took a trip to Tasmania to visit the magnificent lavender fields! Here’s her story…

I travelled to Ramada Resort Seven Mile Beach in Hobart (TAS) with a friend. The resort was very impressive with the ocean over the road.

My reason for going to Tasmania was to visit the lavender farm at Nabowla (the Bridestowe Lavender Estate), east of Launceston. After our arrival, we reassessed our itinerary, realising that Nabowla was a 7 hour round trip, and only one driver (might rethink that idea).

We went to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, the wharf (for coffee, yum!), and the Salamanca Market. We also went on the Red Decker bus tour of Hobart, which was very interesting, having never visited there before. Plus, when you are the one driving, you see very little with all the one way streets and traffic.

I checked with Port Arthur Lavender, and was asked where I was staying. I told the lady, who recommended the Pawleena lavender fields at Sorell, which were only a 30min drive from the resort. The lady gave me directions and off we set – Pawleena Road (where you can pick your own fruit) was the same road for this small lavender farm. The shop was closed the day we went, but the fields, perfume and colour were great. This could be an added attraction for people visiting Seven Mile Beach (as I am sure I am not the only person to travel to Tasmania to see lavender fields, and they are on our doorstep).

Trip To Tasmania

We also took a tour to Cockle Creek (end of the road – literally), stopping at Hastings Caves, well worth a look. No visit is complete without a photo of the historic Richmond Bridge.

A very enjoyable holiday.


Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2001

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