Why People are Spending their Savings on Wyndham Timeshare

Are you feeling like you need to take charge of your life and make bold changes? Are you looking to share meaningful life experiences with family that money can’t buy? Many families have spent their savings on Wyndham Timeshare, with no regrets. It’s because they’ve amassed enough memories to fill dozens of photo albums while working through their personal travel destination list. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Timeshare is the gateway to achieving this because it’s not a financial investment. Rather, the only investment you are making as a Timeshare Owner is in creating special vacation moments with your loved ones…

Invest In Holiday Memories

Like any high value purchase, timeshare requires money; that’s no secret. But, can you put a value on the feeling that overwhelms you when you see the smiles on the faces of your family while they’re on a timeshare holiday? It’s priceless and that’s the main reason why its growing in popularity. People have realised that saving for an overpriced house or for a status symbol car that will become outdated in a few months’ time, can be stressful. And for many, the reality is that that house or car is out of reach, with property prices edging towards $2million dollars and counting. If you add it up, the money spent on a holiday won’t make a big hole in that deposit to buy a house in Sydney today. After all, life isn’t about accumulating possessions. The beauty in life can best be experienced through the times shared with those who matter most to you – family and friends.

That joy you feel when you first buy something fades after a while. But buying an experience creates memories that are lifelong. When you buy timeshare, it’s buying into a lifetime of happiness that revolves around holidays – from acquiring the holiday you’ve dreamed of, to planning your holiday itinerary, building up to that much-needed time away, enjoying the relaxation and then eagerly planning your next holiday. These are memories that you’ll relive time and time again. You probably won’t remember that expensive manicure you bought for yourself on a whim, but that image of the pretty sunset you viewed from the top of mountain while on holiday will be forever etched in your heart. It will warm your heart and make you smile every time. Timeshare is about creating such magical moments more than once every year.

Cost vs Value

Holidaying every year may seem unachievable due to the cost of accommodation – arguably the biggest cost on a holiday. With Wyndham Timeshare, because you’ve already purchased your Vacation Credits, you can book as many holidays as your credits will allow you, depending on availability and time of the year. On your anniversary each year, you’ll get the same amount of credits you initially purchased (unless you’ve borrowed them). So, there really is no reason not to start planning future holidays. The more often you use timeshare, the greater the benefit in life experiences and memories to you and your loved ones. You’ll holiday in style and comfort in our resorts and their spacious rooms, kitchens, lounges and amenities. You’ll get the best accommodation for less.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Timeshare

You have to make your timeshare work for you if you want it to be worth it. And the only way to make it work is to use it, by going on holidays as often as you possibly can. With Vacation Credits as your currency and flexible options, we help you make it work. There’s another benefit too. Timeshare can also be passed down to your children and they can create memories with their partners and children in the future. Isn’t that wonderful?

Many of our Timeshare Owners say it’s been life-changing and has brought their families closer together through shared holiday experiences and memories. This can be something that your family enjoys not just once-off, but multiple times.

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