Author: Duncan Croker


Top 3 Hidden Gems on Australia’s East Coast

Are you struggling to find somewhere unique to travel? Holidaying is always awesome, but sometimes you get tired of walking the same beaten track as everyone else – you want something new. Something fresh. Something unique. When you travel with Wyndham Timeshare, it’s travelling made easy, but it’s also travelling made different. With 32 Club… Read more »


11 Reasons to Travel More

Travelling with Wyndham might be easy, but sometimes it’s hard to justify exactly why you should take a holiday.  Maybe you feel like you should be spending your money somewhere else, or maybe you just can’t seem to make the time.  We’re here to tell you that a nice, long vacation is important because it’ll… Read more »


6 Tips for Choosing Family-Friendly Accommodation

Travel. Family. Two intertwined concepts, supporting and complementing each other. Think back to your childhood. What were your happiest memories? Playing backyard cricket with your siblings, maybe, or going for early-morning beach swims with Mum and Dad. Maybe you went somewhere – camping out bush or near the beach, those school holiday road trips that… Read more »