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6 Tips for Choosing Family-Friendly Accommodation

Travel. Family. Two intertwined concepts, supporting and complementing each other. Think back to your childhood. What were your happiest memories? Playing backyard cricket with your siblings, maybe, or going for early-morning beach swims with Mum and Dad. Maybe you went somewhere – camping out bush or near the beach, those school holiday road trips that… Read more »


5 Things To Do in Marcoola Beach, Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re a ‘relaxing by the pool’ kind of holidayer, or a ‘get up and go’ person, Sunshine Coast QLD has something for everyone! Last fortnight, we based ourselves at Marcoola Beach for a weekend getaway with friends. Why Marcoola? Marcoola Beach isn’t too commercialised, the timeshare resorts are situated right on the beach, and you’re only… Read more »


Australia’s Wildlife Nature at it’s most

What would Australia be without cute eucalyptus eating koalas or jumping kangaroos? They truly are real Aussie wildlife. Australia, the red continent, has many places where you can spot wildlife in their natural habitats. Want some red hot tips on where to spot these beloved little critters? Keep on reading about Australia’s wildlife! Koala Cuteness… Read more »


Making Port in NSW a Timeshare holiday

Ahoy land lubbers! Summer is the perfect time to get yourself a pair of sea legs, and there’s no better way to do that then by making port at a couple of New South Wales’ most picturesque holiday destinations. Port Stephens and Port Macquarie are both located on the stunning east coast a few hours… Read more »


Penguins, optical illusions and family fun: Phillip Island

Are you living a busy life? Maybe you’re juggling work stresses as well as energetic kids? Fact is that we can only be superhuman for so long before we need a holiday. Of course, you’ll want to go somewhere that’s fun for the entire family and the holidays you get with Wyndham timeshare are just the answer.… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “A Wonderful Time in WA”

My parents and I had a wonderful time recently when we had the opportunity for a 2 week stay at Club Wyndham Dunsborough (WA). We had never been to WA before and we would highly recommend it to all Club Wyndham South Pacific owners!  Such a beautiful region of Australia and you truly relax while enjoying… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “We are already planning a return trip to Wanaka!”

It’s been a long 39 years since we toured the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Back in 1975 we were in our last year of High School and were part of a tour group of 30 people. Previously we had stayed in Queenstown and toured the Otago area in a coach. We vividly… Read more »


How to Plan the Perfect Timeshare Family Holiday

If you’re a time poor, busy working family, you want to be able to plan a perfect holiday easily, quickly and without stress.One of the biggest benefits of being a Wyndham timeshare owner is the benefit of getting to take more holidays, more often.  Say goodbye to the usual time, effort and planning that’s required… Read more »


How Timeshare has changed the way to travel with kids

Before timeshare, taking a family holiday meant spending hours researching website after website searching for kid-friendly destinations that accommodated the whole family but didn’t cost the earth. Big families often meant big problems; booking a holiday was a rare treat and required compromises on accommodation quality. If you had two children, you would need to… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “A unique lifestyle change”

When we married straight out of university in 1999 we couldn’t afford anything more extravagant than one night in a hotel; a honeymoon was out of the question.  We became timeshare Owners in 2002, while waiting for our first home to be built. We started with 6000 Credits and our first trips were local destinations –… Read more »