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Holiday Situations Only Timeshare Owners Will Understand

Do you struggle to travel on affordable holidays regularly? Ever looked on in envy watching others pack their bags and head off into the sunset? Wyndham owners have slightly different problems – here are but a few of the holidaying issues they face… We all love low-cost holidays, but let’s get serious, we aren’t really… Read more »


The Perfect Itinerary Using Timeshare

Club Wyndham Sydney is like a home away from home.  Comfortable and stylish rooms in the heart of the city, a variety of amenities at your fingertips and service with a smile. Just ask timeshare owner Tony, who built the perfect itinerary for himself and his family for their 5 day Sydney holiday recently. Ensuring that all… Read more »


Pack Smart Pack Fast

Packing your holiday bags is kind of like a sport. Your raring to go…onto a winner (because you are going on holiday after all) and you just want to reach the finish line. But then you get to the end and boom you realise you forgot to pack something and now it won’t fit. How annoying. You unpack, frustrated… Read more »


The Four Best Ways to Save for a Couples Holiday

Knowing the best ways to save for a couples holiday is a hard call to make regardless of whether you’re planning on staying in a 5-star luxury resort or planning on road tripping your way around Australia. Either way you know it’s going to cost you money, and with those mortgage payments coming out each month, you… Read more »


How to Set Financial Goals When Saving for a Holiday

It’s important to set financial goals when saving for a holiday to keep you focused on your (realistic) personal finances and your holiday budget. You might even find this exercise beneficial to you and your partner’s lifelong plans – not just to save for a holiday (although it’s a nice purpose to have!). Set short-term… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Wyndham Ownership Made My Dream Come True”

I always dreamed of taking great holidays with my family and Club Wyndham South Pacific made that dream come true. I recently returned back to Fiji after a 21 day vacation that was full of exciting activities and great resort locations in Australia with Wyndham Ownership. I arrived in Sydney on 1st of December with… Read more »


Why Taking a Holiday can be Good for your Career

So, you really want to take a break from work, but things are so hectic that you simply cannot afford the time off. We all know that feeling. You know when you come back from a week of relaxing, that it simply won’t be worth the back log of work and stress that will hit… Read more »


7 Things to do on your Phillip Island Holiday

Ready to discover an entirely new destination? You’re in luck, because Phillip Island is so much more than just penguins! This little island off mainland Victoria, Australia, has plenty to offer the would-be visitor and, whether you’re considering a weekend jaunt or a week-long sojourn, will guarantee you won’t be bored… Phillip Island has… The highest… Read more »


5 Things To Do in Marcoola Beach, Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re a ‘relaxing by the pool’ kind of holidayer, or a ‘get up and go’ person, Sunshine Coast QLD has something for everyone! Last fortnight, we based ourselves at Marcoola Beach for a weekend getaway with friends. Why Marcoola? Marcoola Beach isn’t too commercialised, the timeshare resorts are situated right on the beach, and you’re only… Read more »


Australia’s Wildlife Nature at it’s most

What would Australia be without cute eucalyptus eating koalas or jumping kangaroos? They truly are real Aussie wildlife. Australia, the red continent, has many places where you can spot wildlife in their natural habitats. Want some red hot tips on where to spot these beloved little critters? Keep on reading about Australia’s wildlife! Koala Cuteness… Read more »