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11 Reasons to Travel More

Travelling with Wyndham might be easy, but sometimes it’s hard to justify exactly why you should take a holiday.  Maybe you feel like you should be spending your money somewhere else, or maybe you just can’t seem to make the time.  We’re here to tell you that a nice, long vacation is important because it’ll… Read more »


The Perfect Itinerary Using Timeshare

Club Wyndham Sydney is like a home away from home.  Comfortable and stylish rooms in the heart of the city, a variety of amenities at your fingertips and service with a smile. Just ask timeshare owner Tony, who built the perfect itinerary for himself and his family for their 5 day Sydney holiday recently. Ensuring that all… Read more »


Pack Smart Pack Fast

Packing your holiday bags is kind of like a sport. Your raring to go…onto a winner (because you are going on holiday after all) and you just want to reach the finish line. But then you get to the end and boom you realise you forgot to pack something and now it won’t fit. How annoying. You unpack, frustrated… Read more »


The Four Best Ways to Save for a Couples Holiday

Knowing the best ways to save for a couples holiday is a hard call to make regardless of whether you’re planning on staying in a 5-star luxury resort or planning on road tripping your way around Australia. Either way you know it’s going to cost you money, and with those mortgage payments coming out each month, you… Read more »


How to Set Financial Goals When Saving for a Holiday

It’s important to set financial goals when saving for a holiday to keep you focused on your (realistic) personal finances and your holiday budget. You might even find this exercise beneficial to you and your partner’s lifelong plans – not just to save for a holiday (although it’s a nice purpose to have!). Set short-term… Read more »


Unforgettable Experiences with Wyndham

Our team has compiled a list of unique experiences sure to give you unforgettable experiences with Wyndham – from walking in the footsteps of Australian high country legends, diving into a New Zealand River, tour the Jurassic landscape of Hawaii, to something else entirely! Educate yourself in BALI! Bali’s reputation for incredible diversity extends to its… Read more »


The ‘New7Wonders’ List

In 2000, a campaign called New7Wonders began a process to select a new Seven Wonders from the many incredible landmarks that currently exist over the globe – sites travellers can still see and marvel at for themselves. Decided by a public vote, the New7Wonders list includes a mysterious ancient city, an aging temple of a… Read more »


3 Great Timeshare Beach Escapes in Queensland

From warm sand to breaking surf, the beach is a classic Aussie holiday that simply can’t be beaten. When summer arrives, people flock in their thousands to some of the country’s very best coastline paradises, all looking for a relaxing few days where they can unplug from work and recharge their batteries. When it comes… Read more »


Top Tips for Better Holiday Pics

Here at Wyndham, we’re all about living in the moment and making the very most of every holiday experience. A beachfront paradise resort is no place for scrolling through your Facebook feed or checking Instagram – you’ve got all the time in the world for doing that back at home. Instead, spend your holiday making memories, and capturing them… Read more »


Making Port in NSW a Timeshare holiday

Ahoy land lubbers! Summer is the perfect time to get yourself a pair of sea legs, and there’s no better way to do that then by making port at a couple of New South Wales’ most picturesque holiday destinations. Port Stephens and Port Macquarie are both located on the stunning east coast a few hours… Read more »