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Timeshare Review: ‘We’ve found our new favourite annual holiday destination”

We’ve found our new favourite annual holiday destination at Club Wyndham Wanaka. My parents graciously gifted us with 5 nights accommodation for the 9 of us so we could take the kids to see the snow for the first time. We were totally amazed by the beauty of New Zealand and not to mention the… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Wanaka is wonderful in any season”

This was my second visit to Wanaka – this time in a different season. The first visit was in September 2014 during winter – , and WOW, the change is breathtaking! From fully-covered snow peaks with grey landscapes to now, peaks highlighted with the snow remnants, colorful mountainsides and river beds covered with native flowers. Valleys… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “We are already planning a return trip to Wanaka!”

It’s been a long 39 years since we toured the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Back in 1975 we were in our last year of High School and were part of a tour group of 30 people. Previously we had stayed in Queenstown and toured the Otago area in a coach. We vividly… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “A unique lifestyle change”

When we married straight out of university in 1999 we couldn’t afford anything more extravagant than one night in a hotel; a honeymoon was out of the question.  We became timeshare Owners in 2002, while waiting for our first home to be built. We started with 6000 Credits and our first trips were local destinations –… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Celebrating the big 50 in Wanaka!”

I turned 50 and I did so with grace and poise! Unfortunately it is not so for my girlfriend, Angela, who coincidentally shares the exact same day and year of birth. Herself and two friends have joined us at Club Wyndham Wanaka to celebrate this milestone – two 50ths and 46 years of friendship. Let’s rewind… we’ve… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Wanaka’s Scenery is Spectacular”

Maria, a Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2001, loved her recent stay at Club Wyndham Wanaka. Here’s what she had to say… Before we had children, my husband and I travelled quite a bit around the world (Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, North America). New Zealand was always on our bucket list, however because it was… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Easter at Ramada Port Douglas”

Our family have just returned from spending a week staying at  Club Wyndham Port Douglas, over the Easter break. We have been Club Wyndham South Pacific owners since 2011 and since joining have stayed at several different resort: Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart (TAS), Club Wyndham Dunsborough in Margaret River (WA), Club Wyndham… Read more »


Aussie Hidden holiday gems for families beyond the headline destinations

So, you’ve done the headline destinations, such as Gold Coast and Port Douglas but don’t want to stop there? Or you’re looking for some affordable places for family holidays that can be enjoyed without the extra time of an international flight. If you prefer staying within Australia to uncover some hidden holiday gems of natural… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Tasmania’s Beautiful Lavender Fields”

Pru has been a Wyndham timeshare Owner for 16 years. Pru and her friend recently took a trip to Tasmania to visit the magnificent lavender fields! Here’s her story… I travelled to Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart (TAS) with a friend. The resort was very impressive with the ocean over the road. My reason… Read more »


10 things you didn’t know about Club Wyndham South Pacific

Timeshare is a fun holiday option that is full of surprises. Case in point – check out these 10 things you probably didn’t know about timeshare. The basics When you become an owner in Club Wyndham South Pacific you decide how many vacation credits you would like to purchase. These are the currency used to… Read more »