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Timeshare Review: “A Wonderful Time in WA”

My parents and I had a wonderful time recently when we had the opportunity for a 2 week stay at Club Wyndham Dunsborough (WA). We had never been to WA before and we would highly recommend it to all Club Wyndham South Pacific owners!  Such a beautiful region of Australia and you truly relax while enjoying… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “We are already planning a return trip to Wanaka!”

It’s been a long 39 years since we toured the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Back in 1975 we were in our last year of High School and were part of a tour group of 30 people. Previously we had stayed in Queenstown and toured the Otago area in a coach. We vividly… Read more »


How to Plan the Perfect Timeshare Family Holiday

If you’re a time poor, busy working family, you want to be able to plan a perfect holiday easily, quickly and without stress.One of the biggest benefits of being a Wyndham timeshare owner is the benefit of getting to take more holidays, more often.  Say goodbye to the usual time, effort and planning that’s required… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Our Decade of Exceptional Experiences”

One of my favourite authors Ernest Hemingway once said to never go on trips with anyone you do not love. So all of my trips to Wyndham’s Resorts around the world over the past twelve years as a proud timeshare Owner have involved my wife who has supported me to fully enjoy these exciting experiences… Read more »


How to Keep the Kids From Asking “Are We There Yet?”

We’ve all experienced it; a little voice (or three!) piping up from the back seat of the car every five minutes: “Are we there yet?”, “Are we there yet?” So what happens when you’ve booked a beautiful holiday to bring the family closer together, but instead of making memories, you’re faced with the stress of… Read more »


Top 10 Signs You Need a Honeyboom Holiday

First there was the honeymoon, then there was the babymoon, and now couples are enjoying a honeyboom – their first holiday without kids. A honeyboom is a chance to rekindle the romance after the kids have grown up and moved out.  Whether your previous ones are a little older and can be left at home… Read more »


How Timeshare has changed the way to travel with kids

Before timeshare, taking a family holiday meant spending hours researching website after website searching for kid-friendly destinations that accommodated the whole family but didn’t cost the earth. Big families often meant big problems; booking a holiday was a rare treat and required compromises on accommodation quality. If you had two children, you would need to… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “A unique lifestyle change”

When we married straight out of university in 1999 we couldn’t afford anything more extravagant than one night in a hotel; a honeymoon was out of the question.  We became timeshare Owners in 2002, while waiting for our first home to be built. We started with 6000 Credits and our first trips were local destinations –… Read more »


Timeshare Review: Port Douglas “Fantastic Family Time”

Alex and Daniel have been timeshare Owners since 2015, read about their trip to the beautiful Port Douglas… This holiday was different to others we’ve taken. It was different because we took my parents with us. This was my way of saying thank you to my parents for all the incredible sacrifices they’ve made over… Read more »


Aussie Hidden holiday gems for families beyond the headline destinations

So, you’ve done the headline destinations, such as Gold Coast and Port Douglas but don’t want to stop there? Or you’re looking for some affordable places for family holidays that can be enjoyed without the extra time of an international flight. If you prefer staying within Australia to uncover some hidden holiday gems of natural… Read more »