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Wyndham’s Timeshare always a World-Class Experience

WorldMark South Pacific Club, as the name implies, are always a world-class experience. Our recent stay at Ramada Resort Port Douglas was, as usual, no exception: a relaxed & cheerful check-in; outstanding facilities at a superlative location; superior comfort (it’s the only time we don’t need to take our own pillows!) & a kitchen superbly equipped. I love that… Read more »


Holiday Hacks: How to Create a Holiday Lifestyle

Creating a holiday lifestyle, in which regular holidays are part of the way you live (just like brushing your teeth and putting the rubbish bins out) is easier than you think. Safe, Secure Accommodation in Amazing Locations First, you need to stop stressing about searching for quality, reliable accommodation. Instead, do your research on the… Read more »


Awareness is Freedom – Timeshare vs Camping/Campervan, Hotels

Real family holiday freedom comes from knowing all the different holiday accommodation options available – and being able to easily choose the one that’s best for you and your family. Creating amazing holiday memories starts with the process of arranging your holiday. Having access to resort-style destinations in some of the world’s most stunning countries,… Read more »


10 Reasons the Family Needs a Holiday

Does anyone really need a reason to take a holiday and indulge in some much-needed ‘me’ time? When that ‘me’ time extends to include other members of your family, the reasons why a holiday is SO important become more meaningful than ever. 1. Creating family memories matter If most of us think back to some… Read more »


Holidays for a Lifetime for Less than a Coffee a Day

Wyndham Timeshare is a smart accommodation option that lets families have more money for the things that matter most – all the fun adventures and experiences you’ll enjoy while you’re away. Theme parks, art galleries, rugged beaches, meandering bush walks? A memorable holiday is about freedom to do what you love – with the people… Read more »


When’s the Best Time to Book a Holiday?

Stress is something nobody likes feeling. For many people, the way to deal with that pressure is to plan something fun to distract you from all your worries. But when is the very best time to book a holiday for your family? When you’re already on one! The reason why is obvious. When you’re already… Read more »


The back to school brag – did your child tick this one thing off these holidays?

We’ve all experienced it. You know…that playground conversation about what you did during the school holidays? But when it comes to your kids, the last thing you want is for them to feel frustrated and unhappy that all their friends seem to be having a much better time than them – especially when, with just… Read more »


Why Danielle Bought Timeshare in 2018

Making a timeshare holiday option part of your travel plans in 2019 is your gateway to awesome family together time – with the beautiful backdrop of stunning destinations to add to the fun. For, Danielle, the decision to buy into Wyndham Timeshare in 2018 has already proven positive. And those dreams of family holidays filled… Read more »


Start the Year off right – Best value destinations for Aussie travellers in 2019

With the fun and frantic nature of the latest festive season behind you, it’s time to start thinking of ways your family can enjoy some much-needed together time in 2019. After all, in a new calendar year, the time is right to create new holidays plans that help you recharge your batteries and spend quality… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Easter at Ramada Port Douglas”

Our family have just returned from spending a week staying at the Ramada Port Douglas (QLD) resort, over the Easter break. We have been WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owners since 2011 and since joining have stayed at several different resort: Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart (TAS), Ramada Resort Dunsborough in Margaret River (WA),Wyndham… Read more »