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The back to school brag – did your child tick this one thing off these holidays?

We’ve all experienced it. You know…that playground conversation about what you did during the school holidays? But when it comes to your kids, the last thing you want is for them to feel frustrated and unhappy that all their friends seem to be having a much better time than them – especially when, with just… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Easter at Ramada Port Douglas”

Our family have just returned from spending a week staying at  Club Wyndham Port Douglas, over the Easter break. We have been Club Wyndham South Pacific owners since 2011 and since joining have stayed at several different resort: Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart (TAS), Club Wyndham Dunsborough in Margaret River (WA), Club Wyndham… Read more »


Start the Year off right – Best value destinations for Aussie travellers in 2019

With the fun and frantic nature of the latest festive season behind you, it’s time to start thinking of ways your family can enjoy some much-needed together time in 2019. After all, in a new calendar year, the time is right to create new holidays plans that help you recharge your batteries and spend quality… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Wanaka’s Scenery is Spectacular!”

Maria, a Wyndham timeshare Owner since 2001, loved her recent stay at Club Wyndham Wanaka. Here’s what she had to say… Before we had children, my husband and I travelled quite a bit around the world (Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, North America). New Zealand was always on our bucket list, however because it was… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Tasmania’s Beautiful Lavender Fields”

Pru has been a Wyndham timeshare Owner for 16 years. Pru and her friend recently took a trip to Tasmania to visit the magnificent lavender fields! Here’s her story… I travelled to Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach in Hobart (TAS) with a friend. The resort was very impressive with the ocean over the road. My reason… Read more »


10 things you didn’t know about Club Wyndham South Pacific

Timeshare is a fun holiday option that is full of surprises. Case in point – check out these 10 things you probably didn’t know about timeshare. The basics When you become an owner in Club Wyndham South Pacific you decide how many vacation credits you would like to purchase. These are the currency used to… Read more »


How Much Does Timeshare Cost?

Today, we explore the average budget of Australians on holiday and show you how you can cut costs when you invest in timeshare. Average budget of Australian holiday-goer First, let’s look at what the average Australian spends on holiday. TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer, a global study, found that Australians were the biggest spenders on a holiday in 2016… Read more »


Timeshare Review: “Our Big Family Holiday in Fiji”

My wife Bec and I spent our belated honeymoon at Club Wyndham Denarau Island, Fiji, some years ago and have returned since with our eldest son Christian as we just couldn’t deny him the unique Fijian experience we had. Well, we haven’t stopped raving about this beautiful place and this year, after saving up our… Read more »


Why People are Spending their Savings on Wyndham Timeshare

Are you feeling like you need to take charge of your life and make bold changes? Are you looking to share meaningful life experiences with family that money can’t buy? Many families have spent their savings on Wyndham timeshare, with no regrets. It’s because they’ve amassed enough memories to fill dozens of photo albums while working through their… Read more »